June 13, 2013

SCOUT it out!

Have we told you how much we ADORE The Scout Guide? For those of you unfamiliar, let me familiarize you.... it is an annual compilation of the hottest shops, firms, or whatever "hot" may be for each town who proudly claim themselves as a Scout landmark. "Capturing the best of local" is how TSG describes itself, and this is spot on. If you are heading into foreign territory (which happens to be one of the 25 cities The Scout Guide has claimed) and need a tour-guide, pick up a Scout Guide and you will not be lead astray. 

For us at Circa, it is the most fun week when the new issue releases in Charlotte. But, between issues, we are lucky... there are blogs! The head honchos (out of Charlottesville, VA), recently posted about the power of the Entrance Hall. In this posting, TSG mentions Circa and we could not be more honored! Read First Impressions Count here. There are some beautiful photographs and wonderful pointers on how to set the tone for your home immediately... my how important that is! 

Here are a few of the photos from the entry to peak your interest:

Thanks again, Scout! 

June 10, 2013

Photos from Dallas

Here are a few much overdue photos from the Dallas book signing. Cindy and Jane had a large following from all over the place- many from Charlotte, Georgia, South Carolina and other areas made up their entourage! Boy did they have a wonderful time!!


June 6, 2013

The Book Tour Continues!

Most recently Jane and Cindy have taken I-77 down to Columbia, where the beautiful shop Non(e)such was hosting a party. The turn out was wonderful! Thanks to all of you Columbians who joined us and picked up a copy of The Welcoming House, it makes each and every singing so much fun to be able to visit with lots of our supporters! Here are a few pictures from Columbia, as well as a picture from their visit to Memphis, where Garden District hosted another fabulous signing!

Lovely food table, serving macaroon's, cheesecakes, cupcakes, ham biscuits and cheese straws. How about that for Southern Hospitality?

Our sign with a glimpse of a handful of the gorgeous china Non(e)such sells.

We felt right at home with the two Non(e)such mascots! If only we could have brought Sister and Livy!

A few guests mingling around the signing station.

Jane and Cindy with Margaret (far left) and Jean (far right), the mother-daughter duo who run Non(e)such. Thank you for a FABULOUS afternoon!!

Cindy and Jane in front of Garden District, pre-signing. Thanks to all of you for this event as well! Cindy and Jane adore your shop!
Stay tuned! Cindy and Jane may be heading your way soon. Here is an updated tour schedule. We hope to see you there!!!
July 16th: Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Cocktail Reception and Book Signing with Client's and Friend's
July 26th: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Private Evening with Client's and Friend's