August 27, 2012

Circa's Renaissance Man!

Patrick Lewis is a man of many talents... none of which you would know about without me informing you, because he is also one of the most modest people I know. So, let me share with you some of Patrick's secrets...
Not only is he one of our very talented designers, Patrick just competed in his first triathlon, the Lake Norman YMCA Triathlon, where he came in SECOND in his division and finished faster than his goal time! We couldn't be more proud!  
He is also a baker for Common Grounds Farm Stand, a neighborhood farmers market of sorts, selling local organic and homemade treats, in which proceeds go towards Charlotte's Urban Ministry Center. Patrick's Chocolate Bread has become a sensation there, drawing people in to arrive early in order to get their hand's on some before it's all completely gone. For years it has been a favorite delicacy for all of us at Circa and now he's sharing it with the world (or Charlotte, at least)! It is well worth a trip to Common Grounds to taste, so swing by this Thursday, August 30th from 8:30-1 to TRY and get your loaf before the market is closed for the school year!!!
See the article below that Common Grounds printed in their e-news letter:

Hats Off To Our Special Baker!
Lewis.Patrick By day, Patrick Lewis is a sought after designer at Circa Interiors, but at night he is a dedicated Common Grounds baker. Every year, Patrick makes over 226 loaves of his decadent chocolate bread for our farm stand! This is his third consecutive summer, so his bread alone has helped raise $5,424! Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your talent and secret recipe with us and our friends!

August 24, 2012

New in Birmingham

Our last few items from Spring Market are trickling in! We have some fabulous new pieces of upholstery, and the coolest hand forged custom candlesticks! Great for entertaining, and I bet they'd be gorgeous dripping with greenery for the holidays! 

 LEE 3701-03 Sofa
90" length (also available in 102" length)
Morgan Moss with Patton Khaki skirt blocks 
contrast jumbo topstitch in Basil thread

Hand painted throw pillows $325 each

LEE 3701-01SW Chairs
Glyn Linen Driftwood

LEE 9219-00 ottoman 
Serengeti Natural hide with antique nails
$999 each

Custom Hand forged iron candlesticks
$200 each (tall)

 Custom Hand forged iron candlesticks
$175 each (short)

LEE 3201-01 Chair
Wesley Flax with double banding in Gregory Mushroom & Winthrop Dune
$1487 each 

Verellen Vince Felt Slipcovered Dining Chair
$1556 each
Bacalle Round Ottoman with nailheads $765

Verellen Slipcovered Justine Club Chairs $3606 each

 Check out this gorgeous contrast leather arm patch detail!

LEE 3106-03 Sofa
Luxe Norwich Driftwood with Sheer Putty flange 

Custom linen throw pillows $225 each

August 16, 2012

Affordable Tables and Stools: Get the look (and quality) while keeping your wallet happy

We just received in a few small tables, end tables and stools that are so perfect (and inexpensive) that I couldn't help but share! The photos have been enhanced by a wonderful little app called INSTAGRAM! Oh how I love this app! But I digress... these tables and stools and the few ottomans I have slipped in are all something that will fit perfectly in any room while remaining budget friendly! Contrary to what's believed, Circa doesn't have to break the bank- come in and see for yourself!!! If you need a little enticing.... scroll away my fellow bloggers!

How wonderful are these? The nailhead design around the top and the round upholstered legs are so minimal, yet SO dead-on, why-haven't-you-already-been-created, where-have-you-been-all-my-life.
AND it gets better.... $525 EACH!

These "X-Ottomans" are great! The scale makes them so easy... set them anywhere are voila! Instant extra seating/footrest/table for cheese and crackers!
Here goes........ $580 EACH!

I included this beauty, because you can see a similar style to the above "X-Ottomans," but these are antique leather ottomans c. 1880. The pair of these are $2900 each, so see how incredibly priced the "X-Ottomans" are?!?!?!

Isn't this just great? The sleek nailhead pattern jazzes this round ottoman up, but the linen keeps them casual as well. It can therefore be placed in a formal or more casual setting and blend very well.
AND...... $760!

"Please excuse my packing label," says the Teddy Side Table. This round side table is big enough to hold a lamp, but small enough to fit just about anywhere!
"Brace yourself for my low price," says the Teddy Side Table...... $550 EACH!!!!!!

This breaks the mold of the $760 or less price tag, but still, at $1,265 these rustic side tables will add a punch to any room! I can see them in a bedroom, kitchen, den...
and I can keep going!

Another simple, yet interesting and perfect piece! These tiered side tables are, again, large enough for lamps and small enough to fit in tight spots.
Uh-hmm...... $530 each!!!!

These weren't on my list to put on this posting, but I just couldn't help myself! Aren't they great?!?! So cool and chic.
Drum roll please...... $595 EACH!

And here is a view of the top only- without the great qualities of instagram, so you can see the beautiful color of this stone top.

So come on by and see all that we can accomplish for you in your budget!