August 27, 2012

Circa's Renaissance Man!

Patrick Lewis is a man of many talents... none of which you would know about without me informing you, because he is also one of the most modest people I know. So, let me share with you some of Patrick's secrets...
Not only is he one of our very talented designers, Patrick just competed in his first triathlon, the Lake Norman YMCA Triathlon, where he came in SECOND in his division and finished faster than his goal time! We couldn't be more proud!  
He is also a baker for Common Grounds Farm Stand, a neighborhood farmers market of sorts, selling local organic and homemade treats, in which proceeds go towards Charlotte's Urban Ministry Center. Patrick's Chocolate Bread has become a sensation there, drawing people in to arrive early in order to get their hand's on some before it's all completely gone. For years it has been a favorite delicacy for all of us at Circa and now he's sharing it with the world (or Charlotte, at least)! It is well worth a trip to Common Grounds to taste, so swing by this Thursday, August 30th from 8:30-1 to TRY and get your loaf before the market is closed for the school year!!!
See the article below that Common Grounds printed in their e-news letter:

Hats Off To Our Special Baker!
Lewis.Patrick By day, Patrick Lewis is a sought after designer at Circa Interiors, but at night he is a dedicated Common Grounds baker. Every year, Patrick makes over 226 loaves of his decadent chocolate bread for our farm stand! This is his third consecutive summer, so his bread alone has helped raise $5,424! Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your talent and secret recipe with us and our friends!

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