November 26, 2013

House Beautiful Book

The House Beautiful book discusses how acclaimed interior designers use color to create beautiful homes.  “Everyone has a color that makes them smile,” it states on the first page. It is organized and grouped by color, capturing many different styles of interior design.
In the “brown” section, Cindy Smith’s work is featured. “A beautifully age 18th-century Alsatian hutch is the focal point in a kitchen by designer Cindy Smith. It holds a collection of French dinner plates, textured salad plates, and antique French hand-blown bottles.” (p.48)
An older project from Kathy Smith is featured in the Orange section of the book- “Sunlight filters through curtains in Rogers & Goffigon’s Henley in a breakfast room by designer Kathy Smith, creating a peachy glow.” (p.177) A lot of people are scared of orange, the color of the sun, but just a little touch used in the right way can be a stunner.  You don’t need a lot of it to make a statement, as it can change the entire character of a room.  Kathy is known to love using the colors orange and gold. 
This is an old picture House Beautiful used in their magazine a while ago, and Kathy was flattered when she found out they decided to also put it in the book!
It is a gorgeous coffee table book, a fun read, and a great Christmas gift!

November 20, 2013

Paris Shipment

If you were wondering what we were all doing in our workout clothes this past Friday hard at work inside and out, unwrapping packages, it was because our shipment from Europe had just arrived! It was shocking to hear the container actually arrived on time!  It was an all day project, as we had to take everything out of the store, and restock and reconfigure everything so our new antiques could be beautifully displayed! We are working on putting everything on the Circa Catalog, so check it out this week to get an idea of all the new (old) antiques in stock in Charlotte, especially if you don't have the time to come in!
We had the boys hard at work!
Organized chaos!?
Lindsay unwrapping some goodies.  It was worth the hard work in the cold weather to see what treasures were beneath all the cardboard!
 One of the completed back rooms

 I love those French doors!

Stunning new Hickory Chair nail head club chairs.
 Accessories, accessories, accessores!
I cannot believe we got it all done in one day!  Of course I wasn't able to capture it all... but I guess I have to leave something a surprise for yall, right?!  Even if you can't treat yourself to any of these pieces, you must steal away some time to stop in.

November 18, 2013

Chicago Book Signing

Jane and Cindy had an amazing trip to Winnetka Illinois last week, a town just outside Chicago, where they were welcomed into Maze Home to have an all day book signing, followed by a cocktail party. Maze Home is a fun home design and gift shop.  They have a great online shopping site where they display most of their collections.  They offer items from a wide variety of price ranges.  If you are looking for that perfect wedding gift, graduation gift, or birthday present and don't live in Illinois, we suggest you check out their website!  They carry inventory from furniture, to accessories for him or her.

 Cindy Smith, Cindy Galvin (the owner of Maze Home), Kristin Koepfgen (Jane's college roommate), Jane Schwab.
  Lisa Cotten showed her fabulous jewelry.
The event had a nice turn out- they had to cut off the Chardonnay to clear the place out!
 They are now selling The Welcoming House!
The beautifully set up front desk.

November 14, 2013

Atlanta Book Signing

Yesterday, Jane and Cindy had another successful book signing in Atlanta, Georgia.  It took place in The Gables, a beautiful antique store in the city.  They specialize in 18th and 19th century Country French furniture and accessories.  There is no better way to get inspiration for your interior design flare than by flipping through The Welcoming House, and strolling through an antique shop such as The Gables or Circa Interiors. We are so thankful for everyone's dedication to helping The Welcoming House become a country-wide hit. 

 They were busy signing away from 4:30-8:00!
 Gorgeous as ever!
Jane and Cindy posing with Suzanne Cox, the owner of The Gables since 1978.

November 11, 2013

Christmas Decor

It is crazy to think it is almost that time to bring out all the Christmas decorations! The time is now to start shopping and outsmart the hectic Holiday shopping crowd at the mall!  We have everything from Christmas ornaments, to gorgeous antique ribbons, to gifts for friends, children, and of course your home.  We have had our decorations out for a few days now, and have already sold out of our fun, unique Christmas lights.  Don't worry though, we have ordered lots more! They are not your typical Christmas lights, for the bulbs are more dull, and the wire is less obvious, so they look beautiful mixed in with some garland or ornaments on your mantel, like we have on display below.
 It's all about the silver and sparkle!
 These Christmas trees are a fun way to make your coffee table or dinner table more festive for your Holiday parties!
 These adorable children's slippers have been one of our best sellers.  If you don't have kids this age, I'm sure you know of someone who could use a pair in their stocking!
Some fun animal ornaments.