November 26, 2013

House Beautiful Book

The House Beautiful book discusses how acclaimed interior designers use color to create beautiful homes.  “Everyone has a color that makes them smile,” it states on the first page. It is organized and grouped by color, capturing many different styles of interior design.
In the “brown” section, Cindy Smith’s work is featured. “A beautifully age 18th-century Alsatian hutch is the focal point in a kitchen by designer Cindy Smith. It holds a collection of French dinner plates, textured salad plates, and antique French hand-blown bottles.” (p.48)
An older project from Kathy Smith is featured in the Orange section of the book- “Sunlight filters through curtains in Rogers & Goffigon’s Henley in a breakfast room by designer Kathy Smith, creating a peachy glow.” (p.177) A lot of people are scared of orange, the color of the sun, but just a little touch used in the right way can be a stunner.  You don’t need a lot of it to make a statement, as it can change the entire character of a room.  Kathy is known to love using the colors orange and gold. 
This is an old picture House Beautiful used in their magazine a while ago, and Kathy was flattered when she found out they decided to also put it in the book!
It is a gorgeous coffee table book, a fun read, and a great Christmas gift!