November 11, 2013

Christmas Decor

It is crazy to think it is almost that time to bring out all the Christmas decorations! The time is now to start shopping and outsmart the hectic Holiday shopping crowd at the mall!  We have everything from Christmas ornaments, to gorgeous antique ribbons, to gifts for friends, children, and of course your home.  We have had our decorations out for a few days now, and have already sold out of our fun, unique Christmas lights.  Don't worry though, we have ordered lots more! They are not your typical Christmas lights, for the bulbs are more dull, and the wire is less obvious, so they look beautiful mixed in with some garland or ornaments on your mantel, like we have on display below.
 It's all about the silver and sparkle!
 These Christmas trees are a fun way to make your coffee table or dinner table more festive for your Holiday parties!
 These adorable children's slippers have been one of our best sellers.  If you don't have kids this age, I'm sure you know of someone who could use a pair in their stocking!
Some fun animal ornaments.

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