April 30, 2012

You're Invited...

c i r c a

e x   v o t o   v i n t a g e

one of a kind & limited edition jewelry
featuring vintage & antique elements

May 15
10:00 am - 5:00 pm



April 26, 2012

We LOVE Celerie

As some of you know, this week is the Mint Museum's Room to Bloom. Room to Bloom is a week of fun events that brings Charlotte together to celebrate our city's place in the design and art realm. Circa is a sponsor of the Symposium and this year's guest speaker was Celerie Kemble. Cindy introduced her to the guests in attendance and had a wonderful, candid Q & A time with this talented and lively designer. She spoke about everything from her children and motherhood to her design insperation. After the Symposium, Circa hosted a book signing party with Celerie. Needless-to-say, it was a complete success! We had a great turn out and some extra time to speak with her- it was a fun afternoon here! If you weren't able to come by, we still have ONE copy of her newest book Black and White! Come snag this copy before it's gone!!

Here we are with Celerie (front center)

So you know who is who....

Front Row (L-R): Catherine Walters, Celerie Kemble, Emily Williams
Second Row (L-R): Lindsay Boner, Addison Ruffin, Jane Schwab, Patricia Flachs, Eleanor Stanley, Janelle Hansberger, Whitney Sturge
Third Row (L-R): Kathy Smith, Patrick Lewis, Cindy Smith

Some more photos for you to enjoy from our time with Celerie:

GORGEOUS arrangement done by the talented Jay Lugibihl!!

Mixing and mingling

Autograph table

April 19, 2012

Scout Party

Last night Circa joined in on the fun at a beautiful party held at Capitol! It was a fun night filled with all the people on the pages of Scout Charlotte. A few of us were able to swing by Janelle's beforehand for a glass of wine and some appetizers. We sat on her porch and enjoyed the cold snap we are having!

So you know who is who (L-R): Patricia Flachs, Emily Williams, Janelle Hansberger, Cindy Smith, Addison Ruffin, Anna Henderson and Eleanor Stanley

Aren't we cute?!?!?! Doesn't look like we are having a cold snap, huh? Well, don't judge a book by it's cover....
OR a girl by her party dress!!!

April 16, 2012

Summer Recipe

Summer time is approaching and with summer comes homegrown tomatoes and fresh, sweet corn! I can not be more excited... tomatoes are (one of) my favorite things about summer, as are corn and all the other delicious veggies that you can buy at your local farmers market! Here is a recipe found on Pinterest that I thought some of you may enjoy. We at Circa LOVE a reason to gather in a beautiful setting with delicious and gorgeous food- this will surely be a hit!

- 6 ears of corn
- 3 large fresh tomatoes
- 1/2 large sweet onion or about 1 cup chopped
- 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
- 2 to 3 sprigs of fresh oregano (optional)
- 2 tablespoons white vinegar
-1/4 cup olive oil
- coarse sea salt
- fresh ground pepper

- Boil corn in large pot of water for about 7 minutes.
- Drain and plunge corn into cool water
- Cut corn off of cob and set aside to cool completely
- Chunk tomatoes and onions
- Coarsely chop basil and strip oregano off stems
- Place cooled corn, chopped vegetables and herbs into large bowl
- Toss with vinegar and olive oil
- Season to taste
- Serve chilled or room temperature

- Use white balsamic vinegar! It's sweeter and will not discolor the onion and corn like the dark red color of regular balsamic would do.
- Click here to be redirected to the blog this recipe was originally posted onto. From there you can print a copy for your recipe book!

Bon Appetit!

April 13, 2012

No Fluff

No Fluff...these custom throw pillows will certainly add just the right amount of "fluff" to your home this Spring!

Sometimes, it takes just the right amount of pattern to complete or even just update your room! Stop by Circa to pick up your favorite pair of pillows, and begin fluffing away! 

April 10, 2012

Circa Hosts Celerie: April 25th from 2-3:30

This year's Room to Bloom Symposium guest speaker will be the fabulous Celerie Kemble! Circa is excited to announce that she will be coming to our shop afterwards for a book signing, promoting her new publication Black and White (and a Bit in Between). Come by to purchase a copy (or bring in your own!) and have this talented designer add in her autograph! It is sure to be a coffee table hit- and will be even more so when you can open it up and show off Celerie's signature! THINK of how impressed your friend's will be! We would be impressed, at least. We hope to see you at Circa on
Wednesday, April 25th from 2-3:30.

Here is Random House's synopsis on Celerie's most recent publication:

"Black and white d├ęcor is at once dramatic and understated, modern and classic, apparent in the work of iconic designers such as Dorothy Draper and Madeleine Castaing but just as present in design today. And the inspiration is all around us—from nature (a zebra’s stripes, tree trunks rising from drifts of snow) to old Hollywood movies and fashion to black-and-white photography and patterns we encounter in our everyday lives (crossword puzzles and the pages of our favorite novels).

In Black and White (and a Bit in Between), acclaimed interior designer Celerie Kemble trades in her signature vivid palette for this iconic aesthetic, highlighting the black and white work of design stars and peers, including Bunny Williams, Thomas O’Brien, Mary McDonald, Victoria Hagan, Mark Hampton, Delphine Krakoff, Brad Ford, Philip Gorrivan, Carrier and Co., and Miles Redd, and welcoming you into more than 100 spaces in every imaginable aesthetic. Woven throughout are her witty observations and expert advice on choosing the best paints and finishes, adding patterns and accessories, building an entire room scheme based on inspiration found in nature, collecting black and white objects, and even choosing the perfect accent colors.

With more than 350 gorgeous color photographs, this is a vividly photographed celebration of a timeless scheme, infused with inspirational tips, glimpses into showstopping homes, and proof that a limited palette is anything but."

April 6, 2012


Have yall heard of these awesome city guides called The Scout Guide? They are so wonderful. So far, Charlottesville and Charleston have one and Charlotte's is just being released. Scout compiles some of the poshest businesses in the city into this fun book, which is filled with beautiful, professional photographs of Charlotte's shops, architectural/design firms, restaurants, landscaping firms, etc. It is such fun to flip through! Come in to pick up your own Scout guide to the Queen City!

Here we are! So you know who is who...

First row: Olivia Smith, lovingly referred to as "Livy"
Second row (L-R): Catherine Walters, Patrick Lewis, Jane Schwab, Cindy Smith, Sister Smith, Heather Smith, Addison Ruffin,
Lindsay Boner
Third row (L-R): Patricia Flachs, Emily Williams, Janelle Hansberger, Eleanor Stanley, Anne Spilman, Kathy Smith
Missing: Whitney Sturge, Anna Henderson, Karla Gonzalez,
Arevat Manucharova, Cam Davis

April 5, 2012

Circa keeps getting more beautiful!

Cindy came to Birmingham for the weekend, so we spent the morning re-arranging the shop! Please enjoy the pictures below! You may see something fabulous that you've never noticed before! 

We're getting ready for High Point Market this month, so we've taken an additional 10% off all upholstery floor models to make room for new styles!

Spring has Sprung!

Well, as we can all tell, Spring is here! With Easter arriving this weekend, I thought some of you could be scrambling for some centerpiece ideas or just some floral inspiration. Here are some beautiful Spring arrangements I found on Martha's website using seasonal flowers!

This beautiful combination of poppies and tulips sends me on a voyage through years of Easter memories. There's something about yellow that just screams EASTER!!

I just LOVE this idea! I think these would be so sweet at the dining table at the top of each place setting. My mother always does that and it always seems to make me feel special, she's made a beautiful bouquet just for me!

There is nothing more beautiful than roses straight from your garden. Sometimes those roses you can buy at the grocery can seem so "perfect" (yes, sometimes I am that grocery shopper that falls for those social faux pas Harris Teeter roses), like they are all replicas of each other. Garden roses, on the other had, are full of interesting imperfections that make each of us (and roses) so beautiful!

This hosta leaf and lavender hydrangea arrangement is so wonderful! What a great pairing! Doesn't it look like fairey's are hiding in those shadows? I think so too!

Oh how I do love the gorgeous lilac color! What a beautiful centerpiece these would make!

Ok, Charlotte! We may be a smidge late on some of our Cherry Blossom's, but here is a wonderful use of cherry and dogwood. The twiggy arrangement reminds me of new life and all that has been sacrificed for us!

Happy Easter, Circa Blog Readers! We sure do appreciate all of you! AND be sure to check out our new Pinterest account, but BEWARE! Don't get sucked into that "Pinterest Vacuum" that exists in cyber world- somehow you can be trapped for hours!

April 3, 2012

Circa Night Out

The Circa crew got together for a meeting and margaritas at Cantina tonight. Chips and guac in hand, we came up with some fun new ideas. Check out our Facebook page and website and stay tuned for our exciting updates.

April 2, 2012

We are so proud of Janelle!

Since becoming a below the knee amputee in 2010, Circa's Janelle Hansberger has not missed a beat. She has inspired us all with her determination and commitment to continue running. We are so proud to see her on the cover of Endurance Magazine.  

Just this past weekend, Janelle completed the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston. Her time for this 10K was an impressive 1:07:11.
Janelle Hansberger (Center) with friends Jana O'neil (left) and Amy Yarbrough (right).

(Click on the images for more information about this race )