April 5, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Well, as we can all tell, Spring is here! With Easter arriving this weekend, I thought some of you could be scrambling for some centerpiece ideas or just some floral inspiration. Here are some beautiful Spring arrangements I found on Martha's website using seasonal flowers!

This beautiful combination of poppies and tulips sends me on a voyage through years of Easter memories. There's something about yellow that just screams EASTER!!

I just LOVE this idea! I think these would be so sweet at the dining table at the top of each place setting. My mother always does that and it always seems to make me feel special, she's made a beautiful bouquet just for me!

There is nothing more beautiful than roses straight from your garden. Sometimes those roses you can buy at the grocery can seem so "perfect" (yes, sometimes I am that grocery shopper that falls for those social faux pas Harris Teeter roses), like they are all replicas of each other. Garden roses, on the other had, are full of interesting imperfections that make each of us (and roses) so beautiful!

This hosta leaf and lavender hydrangea arrangement is so wonderful! What a great pairing! Doesn't it look like fairey's are hiding in those shadows? I think so too!

Oh how I do love the gorgeous lilac color! What a beautiful centerpiece these would make!

Ok, Charlotte! We may be a smidge late on some of our Cherry Blossom's, but here is a wonderful use of cherry and dogwood. The twiggy arrangement reminds me of new life and all that has been sacrificed for us!

Happy Easter, Circa Blog Readers! We sure do appreciate all of you! AND be sure to check out our new Pinterest account, but BEWARE! Don't get sucked into that "Pinterest Vacuum" that exists in cyber world- somehow you can be trapped for hours!

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