April 29, 2010

April 28, 2010

I love these candles!

If only there was a way to transfer scent through a blog. These new candles are fabulous and I'm not a candle person. They smell great...very clean and lovely. $68 each

I seriously love the box just as much if not MORE than the candle!

You know we love purple these days!
These would make a seriously great gift!

April 27, 2010

Pukka - New Company for Kids!

Pukka is a fun new company created for kids offering sustainable, eco-friendly toys and educational products... You can check them out starting Saturday, May 1 at South Park Mall. A fabulous perk is that Pukka gives 5% of all profits to Equitas, a Charlotte-based organization that provides education to children in Malawi, Africa. What is the significance of 5%? Fifteen dollars can send a child in Malawi to school for an entire year! For more information on Equitas, visit: http://www.equitas.cc/.
Below is Pukka's new promotional video which is ADORABLE! The stars are Cindy's grandchildren/ Heather's & Whitney's children! So cute!

April 26, 2010

Go Green

I am guilty of having the preconceived notion that going green means sometimes losing style. This is SO not true! Traditional Home did a spread in their most recent issue of a eco-friendly bedroom in McLean, VA. All of their suggestions are right on target with the Circa norm!
(To read the article, you can click on each photo to enlarge...be sure to hit the back button!)
1. An old lamp --- If you've ever shopped at Circa you know we have plenty of antique lamps. We also carry Lux Lampshades so you can spruce up your own old lamp with a new shade and it makes a world of difference! This looks like one of Lux's sheer shades.
2. Farrow & Ball paint with no VOC's--- It just so happens that Farrow & Ball is one of Circa's favorite paint companies. They have the most beautifully intense colors. We sell the little paint pots in our shop ($9 each) so that you can test out colors prior to ordering.
3. Farrow & Ball wallpaper painted with water-based paints --- We love those too! F&B wall coverings are soft, lovely, and eco-friendly.
4. Rogers & Goffigon fabric --- Another one of Circa's favorite fabrics. We like them because they offer beautiful colors and textures. They are also processed without chlorine bleach.
5. Layer an antique rug over sisal --- Another Circa favorite. We use a lot of sisal, seagrass and natural rugs as well as beautiful subdued antique rugs.
6. Organic cotton fabrics --- These draperies are made out of the Terra collection for F. Schumacher, another one of our favorites.
7. Deer Antlers --- Now, we don't carry these, but I love them!!!!!
8. Bamboo --- Circa uses bamboo blinds quite a bit for extra dimension as well as privacy. 
9. Sustainable wood casegoods --- This Hickory Chair dresser that they used is certainly right on board with Circa. We carry Hickory Chair upholstery and casegoods in our shop and can order anything you like. Visit www.hickorychair.com for more selections.
10. Sustainable wood and soy-based cushion chairs --- Another one of our favorite vendors, Lee Industries. We also carry Lee in our shop and can order anything you like. Visit http://www.leeindustries.com/ for more selections.
11. Baskets --- We carry a huge selection of naturally woven baskets in our shop. Circa designers love using baskets under a table to fill space and hold all of your favorite magazines or blankets.

Circa designers love the look and feel of natural, comfortable materials which just so happen to be right on target with the green movement. You can't go wrong with this look!


Circa along with B.D. Jeffries, Luxe Home Couture & LaDonna Antiques and Interiors is having a warehouse sale May 6-9 from 10am-5pm. Located at the Circa/Lux Lampshades/Homefires' warehouse: 129 Southside Drive. It looks like they have a lot of great inventory--be sure to check it all out!

April 23, 2010

We had a blast with Bobby!

Bobby McAlpine impressed us once again during his visit on Wednesday! His style of presentation is wonderful; more like a conversation with close friends. Bobby's talk included a phenomenal slideshow of some of his work. He offered fun details about his inspiration for the homes along with plenty of funny stories to go along with it. What an incredible, talented individual; his creativity is truly amazing...just hearing him speak inspires you. His uncanny ability to describe emotion is surreal. Luckily, we were able to have our copies of The Home Within Us signed...I can't wait to read it and try to absorb it all this weekend!
I thought I'd share with you a little excerpt from his new book...it may help you better understand what I mean about his language and inspiring thought:
"At the age of thirty-six, after several years of practice and many more of life, I realize that I had no place my heart recognized as home. Waiting for the exact invitation from the world, I had not found the perfect match. So I excavated from an active place inside myself--and built it. I love the idea of taking your heart out for a walk and bringing it home." *The Home Within Us, page 16*

I think we all want a Bobby house now!!!
The Circa crowd with Bobby McAlpine and Greg Tankersley
Eleanor had a few signed!
Not only is the content fabulous, the cover is great too! This book is selling out fast! We've got a few left so let us know if you want one. We have a few signed copies left.
Patrick, Kathy, & Lindsay waiting in line...Can you tell that I asked them to "act natural?" Hah.

April 21, 2010

High Point Furniture Market

We went to Market yesterday in High Point. It is always fun to see what's the latest and greatest and get ideas. I wasn't able to snap photos everywhere but I thought I'd show you some of my favorites from Lee Industries & Verellen as a little preview of what's new!
At Lee Industries...
The next 3 photos are from Bobby McAlpine's McAlpine Home collection for Lee...
I loved how Lee had the photos from the Uncovered line hanging from twine in wooden frames. Very clever!
Kathy & Catherine kept trying to sneak out of my photos!
The Uncovered furniture looked fantastic! I would have gotten some more photos but I was scared to ask people if I could take their photo...there was a lot of lounging outside after lunch.
Walking in to the Verellen showroom is like walking in to a European oasis of comfort. We saved our Verellen visit for last so that we could end our day on a great note. I honestly didn't take too many photos at Verellen because we were too busy visiting with Tom Verellen and soaking in all of the beautiful new furniture. Verellen sets a the total mood; a lifestyle that you want to enjoy through their furniture. Take a peak...I'll try to get some more photos of the new pieces!
Finally! A great looking desk chair...
Beautiful banquette and bench for dining...
Awesome new barstools!

Article Coming Soon...

We are so excited! Designer Heather Smith is having a client's home published in the next issue of Charlotte Living Magazine! This is a really fun house in Eastover...a home for a family of 4 with lot of style. Be sure to pick one up an issue when you see it but I'll let you know when it's published!
I snapped a shot of the photographer on the day of the photoshoot...haha.

Visit http://www.charlottelivingmagazine.com/

April 16, 2010

New Antiques Coming Soon!

Cindy just got back from a buying trip in Europe...she took a friend with her this time and they had a ball! I can't wait to see all of the fun new pieces she found. I'll let you know when the container is coming as soon as I hear! Just a little preview from the trip...

April 15, 2010

Bunny's Visit

Sorry, I've been a bit MIA. We have been busy busy with Bunny Williams' arrival. What a blast this week has been. Bunny is a delight! I couldn't have enjoyed meeting her more. Bunny offered a fantastic presentation at the Room to Bloom Symposium yesterday morning. She spoke like we were all long-time friends of hers with a wonderful slideshow of her homes in Connecticut and the Dominican Republic as well as beautiful homes that she's designed in Florida, France, New York, etc. We all giggled when she commented on her home in CT -- Houses are like relationships, you don't see the bad in the beginning (don't quote me on that; I'm quoting from memory). How true! But what a great feeling to fall in love with a house like she has and make it your own? Have you seen the cover of "An Affair with a House?" What's not to love?
Offering useful tips on her approach to design, Bunny gave us all a lot to go home and think about. For instance, she suggested that if you have lower ceilings, paint it a dove grey color in high gloss...it will make your room seem larger! Another great piece of advice: choose your furniture first then see what fabrics suit the pieces...so true!
One thing I love about Bunny Williams' design is that she seems totally in tune with her client's needs and wants. This is evident in the sense that every room is different; a reflection on the client's collections, interests, and personal style. 
Tuesday night, we had a small dinner for the Room to Bloom Symposium sponsors at Jane's house to welcome Bunny Williams to Charlotte. It was only appropriate that Cindy and Jane design the table with lavender; Circa's current obsession for an accent color.
Lindsay Boner took these photos---I'm thinking she is semi-pro!
Jay at In Bloom Ltd. created the flower arrangements...he's the best!
If you are interested in replicating such a table for your next dinner party, we have these linens and purple glasses at Circa!

Bunny Williams was so kind to come to Circa yesterday afternoon for a book signing! It was a great opportunity to chat with her and have our copies signed. She's so down to earth and a delight to be around!

from left to right: Lindsay, Eleanor, Anne, Julie, Kathy, Patrick, Patricia, Lydia & Emily
front row: Jane, Bunny, & Cindy

A lovely week, indeed!

April 13, 2010

Carolina Raptor Center - Sweet Release

The Carolina Raptor Center does a fantastic job of supporting and facilitating the release of injured raptors. While introducing the "Sweet Release Society", the center is hosting an event next Wednesday ngiht, April 21, from 5:00 to 7:30 at the lovely MetTerraces! Circa is providing outdoor furniture for the event including pieces from our new Belgian outdoor furniture collection and "Uncovered: The Upholstered Garden" for Lee Industries.
(click invitation to enlarge and read more!)

Bunny Williams is coming to Circa!

We are thrilled to welcome Bunny Williams to Circa Charlotte tomorrow!!!!
Wednesday, April 14
2:00 to 4:00 pm
We have plenty of her books available to purchase for the book signing:
An Affair with a House $55
Bunny Williams' Point of View $60
While you're here check out the new items we have for BeeLine Home designed by Bunny Williams!
shadowbox mirror $1200 (28"W x 6.5"D x 36"H)
twigs mirror $1900 (39" W x 62.5" H)
bottoms up drink table $770 (11"W x 18"H)
lemon leaf pottery lamp $750 each (sold as a pair; shade separate)
10”W x 6 ½” D (base) x 19” H (vase height)
party hat desk lamp $350 (9”W x 6”D base x 20”H)

forged iron hurricanes $275 each; sold as a pair
(8 ¼” D (body) 10”D (base) x 20”OAH
vanity tower $420 (9 ¼”W x 8 ¼”D x 32”H)