April 26, 2010

Go Green

I am guilty of having the preconceived notion that going green means sometimes losing style. This is SO not true! Traditional Home did a spread in their most recent issue of a eco-friendly bedroom in McLean, VA. All of their suggestions are right on target with the Circa norm!
(To read the article, you can click on each photo to enlarge...be sure to hit the back button!)
1. An old lamp --- If you've ever shopped at Circa you know we have plenty of antique lamps. We also carry Lux Lampshades so you can spruce up your own old lamp with a new shade and it makes a world of difference! This looks like one of Lux's sheer shades.
2. Farrow & Ball paint with no VOC's--- It just so happens that Farrow & Ball is one of Circa's favorite paint companies. They have the most beautifully intense colors. We sell the little paint pots in our shop ($9 each) so that you can test out colors prior to ordering.
3. Farrow & Ball wallpaper painted with water-based paints --- We love those too! F&B wall coverings are soft, lovely, and eco-friendly.
4. Rogers & Goffigon fabric --- Another one of Circa's favorite fabrics. We like them because they offer beautiful colors and textures. They are also processed without chlorine bleach.
5. Layer an antique rug over sisal --- Another Circa favorite. We use a lot of sisal, seagrass and natural rugs as well as beautiful subdued antique rugs.
6. Organic cotton fabrics --- These draperies are made out of the Terra collection for F. Schumacher, another one of our favorites.
7. Deer Antlers --- Now, we don't carry these, but I love them!!!!!
8. Bamboo --- Circa uses bamboo blinds quite a bit for extra dimension as well as privacy. 
9. Sustainable wood casegoods --- This Hickory Chair dresser that they used is certainly right on board with Circa. We carry Hickory Chair upholstery and casegoods in our shop and can order anything you like. Visit www.hickorychair.com for more selections.
10. Sustainable wood and soy-based cushion chairs --- Another one of our favorite vendors, Lee Industries. We also carry Lee in our shop and can order anything you like. Visit http://www.leeindustries.com/ for more selections.
11. Baskets --- We carry a huge selection of naturally woven baskets in our shop. Circa designers love using baskets under a table to fill space and hold all of your favorite magazines or blankets.

Circa designers love the look and feel of natural, comfortable materials which just so happen to be right on target with the green movement. You can't go wrong with this look!

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