April 21, 2010

High Point Furniture Market

We went to Market yesterday in High Point. It is always fun to see what's the latest and greatest and get ideas. I wasn't able to snap photos everywhere but I thought I'd show you some of my favorites from Lee Industries & Verellen as a little preview of what's new!
At Lee Industries...
The next 3 photos are from Bobby McAlpine's McAlpine Home collection for Lee...
I loved how Lee had the photos from the Uncovered line hanging from twine in wooden frames. Very clever!
Kathy & Catherine kept trying to sneak out of my photos!
The Uncovered furniture looked fantastic! I would have gotten some more photos but I was scared to ask people if I could take their photo...there was a lot of lounging outside after lunch.
Walking in to the Verellen showroom is like walking in to a European oasis of comfort. We saved our Verellen visit for last so that we could end our day on a great note. I honestly didn't take too many photos at Verellen because we were too busy visiting with Tom Verellen and soaking in all of the beautiful new furniture. Verellen sets a the total mood; a lifestyle that you want to enjoy through their furniture. Take a peak...I'll try to get some more photos of the new pieces!
Finally! A great looking desk chair...
Beautiful banquette and bench for dining...
Awesome new barstools!


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