April 15, 2010

Bunny's Visit

Sorry, I've been a bit MIA. We have been busy busy with Bunny Williams' arrival. What a blast this week has been. Bunny is a delight! I couldn't have enjoyed meeting her more. Bunny offered a fantastic presentation at the Room to Bloom Symposium yesterday morning. She spoke like we were all long-time friends of hers with a wonderful slideshow of her homes in Connecticut and the Dominican Republic as well as beautiful homes that she's designed in Florida, France, New York, etc. We all giggled when she commented on her home in CT -- Houses are like relationships, you don't see the bad in the beginning (don't quote me on that; I'm quoting from memory). How true! But what a great feeling to fall in love with a house like she has and make it your own? Have you seen the cover of "An Affair with a House?" What's not to love?
Offering useful tips on her approach to design, Bunny gave us all a lot to go home and think about. For instance, she suggested that if you have lower ceilings, paint it a dove grey color in high gloss...it will make your room seem larger! Another great piece of advice: choose your furniture first then see what fabrics suit the pieces...so true!
One thing I love about Bunny Williams' design is that she seems totally in tune with her client's needs and wants. This is evident in the sense that every room is different; a reflection on the client's collections, interests, and personal style. 
Tuesday night, we had a small dinner for the Room to Bloom Symposium sponsors at Jane's house to welcome Bunny Williams to Charlotte. It was only appropriate that Cindy and Jane design the table with lavender; Circa's current obsession for an accent color.
Lindsay Boner took these photos---I'm thinking she is semi-pro!
Jay at In Bloom Ltd. created the flower arrangements...he's the best!
If you are interested in replicating such a table for your next dinner party, we have these linens and purple glasses at Circa!

Bunny Williams was so kind to come to Circa yesterday afternoon for a book signing! It was a great opportunity to chat with her and have our copies signed. She's so down to earth and a delight to be around!

from left to right: Lindsay, Eleanor, Anne, Julie, Kathy, Patrick, Patricia, Lydia & Emily
front row: Jane, Bunny, & Cindy

A lovely week, indeed!

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  1. Beautiful! What a great event--love Bunny Williams, it is great to hear she is so down.to.earth.