June 11, 2014

Oprah's Blog

This blog post is about another blog post. But not just another blog... Oprah's blog! She blogged about "Prints Decorator's Love-and How to Use Them in Your Own Home".  Jane and Cindy's work are featured in picture 5 and 6 in the blog.  

Just like in fashion, we have to be careful where we put patterns, and how to prevent them from clashing. Check out her blog to learn how!

"Avoid putting a very expensive print on an item that will get day-to-day wear, like the family couch. It will need to be replaced often and that can get costly. Save those patterns for rarely-handled drapes or use them in small scale, like on pillows," Jane and Cindy commented in reference to Jane's guest house pictured above. 

"Print rugs are very forgiving in high-traffic areas, and they don't show dirt the way a solid carpet would," They both commented about the above house, which is pictured several times throughout The Welcoming House. 

June 9, 2014

Janelle & Mike's Engagement Party

Last Friday night, Cindy was kind enough to throw our sweet Janelle and fiance Mike a very magical engagement party.  The house was full of friends and family there so show their support for the couple, as I'm sure they were overwhelmed with love.  We had a Mexican food truck and margarita machine in the front driveway, as well as other food and beverages dispersed throughout the house.  The talk of the night was over the big block letters spelling "AMOR" that several creative friends had handmade out of cardboard and tissue paper earlier that day. It was very impressive how store-bought they looked!  

The beautiful couple plans to get married in Grandfather Mountain on August 16th. 

June 5, 2014

Southern Living

Not only was Jane's front porch on the cover of the Southern Living Outdoor Living edition, but her back yard is also featured inside the June issue of Southern Living.  If you have a copy, her spread is from page 17-18.  

 The article, titled "Bring on the Sunshine", discusses how Jane Schwab prepares and designs for a summer affair.  "Designer Jane Schwab maintains an enviable reputation for fashioning elegant, approachable Southern spaces both indoors and out. She applies this same gracious philosophy every time she sets the table for friends and family."  As shown in one of the pictures, Jane layered different natural materials to start the setting.  The mix of polished silver and casual linens is very appealing.  Jane also layered a trimmed burlap table skirt underneath her patterned Indian quilt to create a more luxurious  indoor look.