April 4, 2014

One Man's Folly

This past Tuesday, Jane and Cindy were in NYC attending a book signing event for One Man's Folly, a new book by Furlow Gatewood, authored by Julia Reed.  The Foreward and Afterward were beautifully written by Bunny Williams, who also did the Foreward for The Welcoming House.  As stated inside, "A gifted designer, antiques expert, and longtime associate of legendary dealer John Rosselli, Gatewood has a talent for discovering singular pieces with a poetic patina, composing custom-paint finished and subtle palettes, and knowing how to incorporate distinctive architectural elements into his singular interiors."  One of the most influential members of America's design community, Furlow has maintained a relatively low profile. The Southern gentleman was born 92 years ago with an eye for both architecture and interior design.  Bunny stated in one of my favorite chapters of the book, "Lessons learned", "The real lesson learned from this supremely gifted man is to educate your eye and look at the best of everything, be it architecture, furniture, or design. And may you too have the joy that Furlow has had over the many years of doing what he loves." Another piece of advice he has offered is to never decorate in a way that is so precious, it intimidates animals or people!

While at the party, Jane and Cindy had the pleasure to meet Gil Schafer, author of The Great American House.  They also met the charming Newell Turner, editior of House Beautiful.  Jane and Cindy highly recommend looking through this book, to admire the spread of distinctive pieces he has chosen, all with a strong personality.  
 Furlow Gatewood and Bunny Williams
 Jane Schwab, Newell Turner, and Cindy Smith