June 11, 2014

Oprah's Blog

This blog post is about another blog post. But not just another blog... Oprah's blog! She blogged about "Prints Decorator's Love-and How to Use Them in Your Own Home".  Jane and Cindy's work are featured in picture 5 and 6 in the blog.  

Just like in fashion, we have to be careful where we put patterns, and how to prevent them from clashing. Check out her blog to learn how!

"Avoid putting a very expensive print on an item that will get day-to-day wear, like the family couch. It will need to be replaced often and that can get costly. Save those patterns for rarely-handled drapes or use them in small scale, like on pillows," Jane and Cindy commented in reference to Jane's guest house pictured above. 

"Print rugs are very forgiving in high-traffic areas, and they don't show dirt the way a solid carpet would," They both commented about the above house, which is pictured several times throughout The Welcoming House. 

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  1. Great mention! I love the oriental rug's colorfulness and how you were able to pull that off with neutral walls. How did you choose the wall color?