April 6, 2012


Have yall heard of these awesome city guides called The Scout Guide? They are so wonderful. So far, Charlottesville and Charleston have one and Charlotte's is just being released. Scout compiles some of the poshest businesses in the city into this fun book, which is filled with beautiful, professional photographs of Charlotte's shops, architectural/design firms, restaurants, landscaping firms, etc. It is such fun to flip through! Come in to pick up your own Scout guide to the Queen City!

Here we are! So you know who is who...

First row: Olivia Smith, lovingly referred to as "Livy"
Second row (L-R): Catherine Walters, Patrick Lewis, Jane Schwab, Cindy Smith, Sister Smith, Heather Smith, Addison Ruffin,
Lindsay Boner
Third row (L-R): Patricia Flachs, Emily Williams, Janelle Hansberger, Eleanor Stanley, Anne Spilman, Kathy Smith
Missing: Whitney Sturge, Anna Henderson, Karla Gonzalez,
Arevat Manucharova, Cam Davis

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