November 20, 2013

Paris Shipment

If you were wondering what we were all doing in our workout clothes this past Friday hard at work inside and out, unwrapping packages, it was because our shipment from Europe had just arrived! It was shocking to hear the container actually arrived on time!  It was an all day project, as we had to take everything out of the store, and restock and reconfigure everything so our new antiques could be beautifully displayed! We are working on putting everything on the Circa Catalog, so check it out this week to get an idea of all the new (old) antiques in stock in Charlotte, especially if you don't have the time to come in!
We had the boys hard at work!
Organized chaos!?
Lindsay unwrapping some goodies.  It was worth the hard work in the cold weather to see what treasures were beneath all the cardboard!
 One of the completed back rooms

 I love those French doors!

Stunning new Hickory Chair nail head club chairs.
 Accessories, accessories, accessores!
I cannot believe we got it all done in one day!  Of course I wasn't able to capture it all... but I guess I have to leave something a surprise for yall, right?!  Even if you can't treat yourself to any of these pieces, you must steal away some time to stop in.

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