November 11, 2009

Nurseries & Children's Rooms

A general consensus at Circa is that nurseries and children's rooms should be fun and whimsical! One common mistake when decorating such rooms is to create a space that's juvenille & "in the moment." Why spend a lot on fabrics, furniture, and lighting that you know you won't use in 5 years?

Our top 10 suggestions for kids' rooms:
1. Go ahead and have 2 twin headboards made.
How smart of Circa's Lindsay Boner to use the other twin headboard at the foot of the bed until her son outgrows his crib! She didn't want to worry with twin headboards not matching later on so in the meantime she's created a fun daybed for him.
2. A grouping of prints always looks nice over a crib.
These prints are versitile and can later be used somewhere else in the home.
3. Add a rocker element to a club chair.
This Verellen Clemintine chair will be of use for years even after it isn't needed for rocking a baby. Don't limit yourself to an expensive rocking chair that seems only fit for a baby's nursery. It's also more comfortable for you!
4. Put all lamps and overhead lighting on dimmers.
It creates a more soothing room for the baby and saves you from squinting when you're waking up at 3:00 in the morning!
5. Keep your child's day to day needs in mind; Function is of course most important!
Designer Catherine Walters designed this headboard with reading light attached. It creates a fun atmosphere for nighttime reading.
6. Incorporate old & new.
Designer Heather Smith created abundant charm in her daughter's nursery with this antique stroller & chandelier.
7. We like how Designer Heather Smith added a Dutch door to her son's bedroom.
This allows you to always hear your child playing. (Look to left of photo.)

8. Save space where you can!
This built-in bed with trundle beneath sits under the roof's eave. On either side are closets which draperies conseal rather than doors. Genius!
9. Divide the space with a piece of furniture and drapery to create a separate play area.
 If space allows, this concept is aweseome in creating a separate play space from sleep space. Bedtime can become easier without a lot of fun toys to distract!
10. Bookcases are great storage for toys, books, & supplies.

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