January 11, 2010

Hickory Chair

Oh, how I could just live at the Hickory Chair showroom! Hickory Chair does a phenomenal job at the High Point furniture market of displaying their beautiful furniture. We carry some of their upholstery in the retail shop but can order anything your heart desires!

These bookcases on casters are utilitarian yet sophisticated.

We have this cocktail table in Charlotte.

Morris cocktail table $1575
44" W x 34" D x 19 1/4" H
(off the floor in Charlotte)

We have one of these cocktail tables in our shop in Charlotte. It's gilded and fabulous!
Loring Cocktail Table $1575
43" W x 22" D x 17.5" H
(off the floor in Charlotte)

Suzanne Kasler's 114" dining table is beautiful!
If only I could keep orchids alive.

These ottomans are WONDERFUL for putting your feet up, working on your laptop, or displaying your favorite coffee table books. They are totally customizable in any fabric and made to measure from 18" to 60" square/ rectangle. Nailheads around the top finish it off nicely.

**All photos courtesy of Hickory Chair**


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