February 19, 2010

Dress your table for spring!

You can't have spring at your house without a hint of lavender! These new linens and runners are 100% cotton & woven on looms.
blue apothecary jar $68
lavender & white stripe runner/ throw (78x38) $56
grey & white stripe runner/ throw (78x38) $54
lavender/white & grey/white napkins $32 set of 4
grey napkins $32 set of 4
purple runner/ throw (78x38) $60
brown and white stripe runner/ throw (78x38) $56
purple acryllic water and wine glasses $32 set of 4
linen cocktail napkins with brown monogram
$24 set of 4 (6x9)
S, R, M, J, T, B, W, H available
**These are the perfect hostess gift and come wrapped in a nice little sheer case!**

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