April 28, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest mirrors of them all? Circa of course! Circa Charlotte has a great selection of mirrors to choose from:
Hickory Chair soleil mirror 48" diameter $1160
 Beeline Point of View mirror 27"W x 42.5"H $2200
 Pair of Louis XVI guilded mirrors 32-1/4"W x 56"H $1662 each
 Twigs mirror 39"W x 62.5"H $1900
 French knot trumeau 35"W x 86"H $1450
 antique white crackled mirror $1250
 zinc window mirror circa 1840 38.5"W x 45"H $3200
 trumeau mirror circa 1820 $6800
 chains mirror 42" $495
 painted Italian mirror 42.5"W x 50"H $5750
 antique gold frame - would make a beautiful mirror! 27"W x 35.5"H $1400
 French carved mirror 48"W x 46"H $795
 Gothic mirror 49"W x 64"H $1540
 antique Venetian mirror 28"W x 34"H $4800
 scalloped gold mirror 31"W x 54.5"H $1200
 antique oval painted mirror 22"W x 27.5"H $1400
 distressed wood rectangular mirror 34"W x 54"H $625 
painted Italian mirror 43"W x 52"H $5750
 driftwood mirror 35"W x 78"H $625
 white mirror 44"W x 77"H $1450
Mansard mirror $375 
nautical Rondel mirror 26" $675

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