November 17, 2011

Lee Market Upholstry Has Arrived!

Come in to see our new Lee Upholstery.
(Click on the item numbers for further detail)

1931-01SW Swivel Chairs: $1600 each (28"W x 34"D x 34"H)
9045-00 Bongo Ottoman: $885 (15"W x 15"D x 18"H)
Yellow Silk Pillow: $100 each (sold as pair)

3722-03 Sofa: $3350 (86"W x 42"D x 35"H)
Custom Pillows: $395 each (sold as pair)

3421-03 Sofa: $2875 (88"W x 42"D x 29"H)
Custom Pillows: $325 each (sold as pair)

L1935-01 Leather Chairs: $1780 each (30"W x 32"D x 34"H)
Velvet Pillows: $275 each (sold as pair)
AB01 Altar boy: $290

3063-01 Chairs: $1660 each (33"W x 39"D x 35"H)

C3640-03 Slipcovered Sofa: $2970 (102"W x 38"D x 33"H)
Black and White Pillows: $295 each (sold as pair)

L1549-01 Leather Chair: $1500 (28"W x 35"D 35"H)
L1549-00 Ottoman: $835 (23"W x 19"D x 16"H)
MT01 Martini Table: $225

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