May 15, 2012

Janelle To Be on Local News Tonight

Channel 9 Outside of Circa!

We've had an exciting morning here at Circa! Channel 9 News just interviewed Janelle on her defeat over a rare infection called necrotizing fascitis She was hospitalized for 41 days, most of which she was hanging onto her life by a thread. Today, Janelle is participating in road races and triathlons, as well as working daily in the shop at Circa (If you follow our blog, you may have read of her recent participation in The Ramblin Rose with three of her closest friends. This feat landed her an article in and the cover of Endurance Magazine). She is such an inspiration to all of us and hopefully to all of you. 

Janelle's Cover

Janelle will now be featured on Channel 9 News tonight, May 15th, at 5:15. Set your DVR's or tune in to learn more about Janelle's amazing strength and contagious positive outlook on life, something most of us take for granted daily. 

Filming in the Design Studio

Unfortunately, there is another case of this flesh eating disease that has become a hot topic here. Aimee Copeland is a young girl in Augusta battling this disease. You can visit her facebook page here to learn more. Please say some prayers for Aimee. Circa knows how dark of a time this is for her and her family and your support and prayers will be very appreciated.

Keep fighting Aimee, Janelle and the rest of Circa are praying for you!

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