July 26, 2012

A New Container Has Arrived!!

We are melting in this heat, while unpacking treasure after treasure that Patrick and Cindy found on their recent trip to France! Beautiful chairs, chests, secretaries, lanterns, accessories.... I can go on and on! It is going to be a hot one today, but Circa will be a wonderland by the end of the day. Be sure to stop by tomorrow to be some of the first to see the gorgeous items we are unpacking!!

Here's a glimpse of our (not so glamorous) morning so far:

The truck arrived at 9- we were hoping for 8:30, but nothing ever seems to run as scheduled around here when it comes to shipment!

A glimpse into the beginning stages of unloading

Starting to unwrap/uncrate/label/take dimensions

The pile is growing!

And growing!!!

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