October 18, 2012

These little piggies went to market....

The Fall 2012 High Point Furniture Market is drawing to a close and I wanted to give our fabulous blog followers a peak at some of the pieces the Circa clan saw and loved. As always, it was a fun day for all- filled with lots and lots of walking! Whitney and Rebecca (from our Birmingham store) were able to fly in to go to High Point with the other girls, while Addison and I held down the fort in Charlotte! Here are some shots the girls took for me to share with you... I hope you enjoy them!! And these styles are ready to be ordered!
Remember: Lee is guaranteeing Christmas deliveries on orders placed by November 9th!! This may be a great idea to pass along to Santa a little early to ensure a VERY happy Christmas morning!

Lee Industries slip covered swivel chair in a fun, new patterned fabric

If only Santa could guarantee these two beautiful models with the chairs! Oh how much fun you would have all the time!
Pictured: Whitney Sturge and Lindsay Boner

Awesome new Mod chairs from Lee.
Pictured: Whitney Johnson and Cindy Smith

The 1211-01 Swivel Chair- just like the 1011, but with a taller back cushion. I can see the man in your life comfortably watching some football in this chair!

More slip covered swivels- such a great size!!

This chair is TO DIE FOR! So beautiful and elegant. It measure's 35" wide x 35" deep and is incredibly comfortable.

New sofa from Lee Industries. Two large seat and back cushions and thin arms- perfection!
Stunning new sofa from Hickory Chair! From the new fabric to the pleated skirt and tufted back, everything is just breathtaking...
Pictured: Catherine Walters and Kathy Smith

A view of the back- beautiful from every angle! You would almost hate to put it against a wall!! Making it the perfect solution to floating a sofa in your home.

The shop girls having fun, fun!
Pictured: Janelle Hansberger and Whitney Sturge
A clearer view of those great stools by Lee Industries, sans Janelle and Whitney.

How fun are these small scale chairs covered in shearling? Imagine them on either side of your fireplace- so wonderful!
I am afraid that is all I have for you! But stay tuned!!! We plan to receive our market orders in the near future and can't wait for you to see!

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