December 21, 2012

Happy Holiday!

Thank goodness that the world has not ended! Yet- at least... I guess we still technically have 11 hours until we are entirely in the clear, but my gut is telling me that we will all be here to celebrate Christmas with those we love. Today happens to also be my fiance's birthday, how dreadful for the world to be forecasted to end on the day you were born! To all you other December 21st babies, I am sorry those Mayans have given us such a scare! Luckily, they may have been off just a hair or two. Since we are all still here and you are still reading (maybe while standing in line to check out while doing some last minute shopping), we wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday and Fabulous New Year!
We wish you and your family
a happy holiday season,
a new year filled with love and peace,
and a home that reflects all the warmth
and beauty of this special season.

Circa Charlotte
Seated left to right: Catherine Walters with daughter Cate and son Logan, Lindsay Boner with son Henry and daughter Fran, Jane Schwab and Marshall, Cindy Smith with granddaughter Wansley and Sister, Heather Smith with daughter Finley and son Whit, Eleanor Stanley and Olivia
Standing, left to right: Cameron Davis with son Jaylen and daughter Camauri, Kathy Smith and Sky, Patricia Flachs, Whitney Sturge and Ellie, Patrick Lewis and Ollie, Addison Ruffin and Cricket, Brigid McCarthy, Janelle Hansberger, Anna Brantley, Arevat Manucharova, Emily Williams and Margo

Circa Birmingham
Whitney Johnson and Rebecca Davis with Whitney's children (left to right) Jack, Polly and Tipton Johnson

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