February 19, 2013

It's wonderful, It's wonderful, It's wonderful, Take a look at my baby...

Well, Cindy is off again to Gay Paree! And I am left here with the soundtrack of French Kiss stuck in my head. If you have never heard this amazing soundtrack, you are missing out! It is just the happiest music and makes you want to be in Paris- or anywhere French, really. I will even settle to just reminisce on the times it would be blaring through my parent's house, with my sweet step-father tapping his foot in rhythm... while I- who am not so musically inclined- would be singing WAY off tune. 
NOW- to get back on track with this posting!
Cindy is in France and is sending me photos of GORGEOUS pieces she has found! They will be coming to the shop on the next container (which will probably arrive around the end of March/April sometime) and we will be left drooling over them in the meantime. OR you can follow the link I gave you above and wait it out while bouncing around to French Kiss! This is a much better idea, no?

Charming chopping block that can be used in a kitchen or as a desk

Beautiful chest with incredible brass hardware!

Decorative brackets

Fun pots!

Neat statue


Stunning lantern!

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