October 9, 2013

Jill Dahan, "Starting Fresh!"

Today we had the priviledge to meet Jill Dahan, who is new to Charlotte after traveling across Europe, the Middle East, and Australia learning about food.  As a wife and mother of three, she strives to nourish her family in the best way possible.  She is trying to promote her new book, titled "Starting Fresh!", and has started to share her foods in some local grocery stores.  She brought us some of her chocolate almold cookies today, which were very hard to believe they were healthy. (They were gone in 3 minutes).  As stated in the beginning of her book, this is her recipe for life: Combine fresh food, great taste, and love.  She is passionate about the transformative power of food, whether you wish to focus on weight loss, lowering cholesterol, or even acne.  The natural way is the best way.  Check out some of her recipes and more background on Jill's inspirations through her website: http://jilldahan.com/.  Keep her book in mind as the Holiday's are appoaching!


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