January 22, 2014

A Long Awaited Installation

One of our designers, Heather Smith, has been working extremely hard designing the Homesley house to be ready for them to move in at the first of the year.  Heather has developed a long standing relationship with the client, as she also helped do her home a few years ago, which was featured in the Charlotte Living Magazine in 2010.  Needless to say, her new home, right around the corner from her old one in Eastover, is an absolutely breathtaking and inviting home.  We all take any excuse we can to get the chance to go over there and admire the progress being made.  I have learned throughout this project that Heather does not skimp on details, which has clearly paid off. Below are several pictures of some of my favorite rooms to inspire us all.

Front Living Room.
Front Living Room.  How cool is that stool?!
The dark, yet inviting family room.  The TV drops down into the brick. Behind that are curtains that drape down two floors!
Another view of the family room connected to the kitchen.
 The Kitchen.  I am in love with the wooden panels!
 The Breakfast Room.  The sheer curtain trend is displayed throughout a few other rooms in the house.
The "Dungeon" with a custom made sectional.
 The Dungeon/ Man-cave with a pool table.  How fun!
The master bedroom.  Curtains automatically cover all windows with the touch of a button.

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