July 20, 2009

Candles make any room more romantic!


Creative Candles Pillars are so fun for cupcakes or cakes during any holiday, birthday, or baby shower! Choose from blue, white, pink, or yellow!

6" taper (set of 12): $9

15" taper (set of 12): $16

Circa Beeswax Candles are awesome for hurricanes, sconces, lanterns, and any candlestick! Great for dinner parties...

4 1/2" x 4 1/2": $45 each
12" x 7/8": $24 for a set of 4
6" x 3": $30 each
12" x 1/4": $26 for a set of 2
9" x 3": $32

These fun striped candles add a touch of fun to your grandmother's silver candlesticks! They definitely liven up any application!

Candles: $22/ pair

These horn silver candlesticks, by the way, are really cool: $425 each

These Nina Campbell candles smell LOVELY! I'd love to sit in the bathtub and smell one of these! Nice colors look great on an end table in your bedroom, living or family room.
$52 each (Scents are aquamarine & lapas)

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