August 11, 2009


It's all about Amethyst & Lavender!
Soft, beautiful shades of purple are all over the place...
we're seeing it in fashion, why not your home?!?!
House Beautiful & Elle Decor featured spreads on this hot new color in their most recent issues, check out what you can find at Circa...

match strike - $795
These STUNNING match strikes can sit on a mantle or any table in your living spaces. Fill their tops with short matches or leave them as is. We also have a beautiful blue & bronze in our shop.

drinking glasses - $48/ set of 6
Great wedding gift!

Not loving the idea of filling your home with lavender? Find fabrics like this that offer just a touch.

custom pillows - $200 each (sold as a pair)

lavender furniture wax -$13.50

See how Cindy used a touch of lavender in a set of pillows in a recent client's home. Just a punch of color can bring a room to life!

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