March 30, 2010

New App for Traditional Home

*Traditional Home April 2010*
If you're obsessed with the iphone like me or love your Treo, BlackBerry, etc. just as much, you must download the new Microsoft Tag app. Traditional Home has tip clips throughout the magazine that with a snapshot of your phone through this new app you can view videos on whatever topic you're reading about. Videos include tours of the home you're admiring, thoughts from the designers, design tips, recipes that you can take to the grocery store; you name it. It is amazing!

Confused? Here's what you do:
1. Download Microsoft Tag on your phone (it's free!)
2. With the Tag app open hover the crosshairs over the "tip clip" logo you see throughout the mag

3. Voila! You're watching a Traditional Home video on YouTube before you know it!

If you don't have a smartphone visit: to watch!

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