March 8, 2010

Top Picks for Lee Sofas

We love Lee Industries for their beautiful sofa styles and affordable prices. With great fabrics to choose from, you can turn any of these sofas into a design of your own. I thought we'd share a few of our favorites with you!

Kathy's Favorite: 3980-03
W100 D44 H34
We currently have this sofa in our Charlotte shop.

Patrick's Favorite: 3907-03
W84 D38 H35

Heather's Favorite: 3900-03 Sagging Ridge Sofa (McAlpine Home)
W92 D37 H43
Julie's & Lindsay's Favorite: 3560-03
W92 D39 H37

Patricia's Favorite: C3700-03
W88 D41 H38
Patricia likes this sofa with the driftwood finish on the feet!

Eleanor's Favorite: 3908-03, Shelter Wing Sofa (McAlpine Home)
W84 D37 H46
We currently have this chair in our Charlotte shop
Catherine's Favorite: 3093-03 Landau Devan Skirted Sofa (McAlpine Home)
W85 D39 H36
This sofa comes with exposed legs as well!

Lydia's Favorite: 1180-02
W84 D40 H39
This English arm and dressmaker's skirt are available on quite a few of Lee's sofas and chairs.

The great thing about Lee is that the majority of their sofa styles are available in upholstered, slipcover, or leather. Also, they are generally available in sofa, loveseat, & chair!


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