August 31, 2010

10 Ways to get Southern Style

Southern Living's September issue offers "10 Ways to get Southern Style" including tips from some of the South's greatest interior designers including Circa's owner, Cindy Smith! Be sure to check out the article on page 55 or click on the images below to enlarge (be sure to hit back afterwards!).
1. Offer a well-set table.
"Charlotte, North Carolina, designer Cindy Smith takes a slightly different approach. 'I like to mix patterns,' she says. 'The fancier, the better. I like the juxtaposition of fancy silver with simple plates and glasses'."
2. Inherit (and hand down) heirloom silver.
"Cindy loves her inherited punch bowl. 'My mother's old silver one is a favorite,' she says. 'I've used it a zillion times and even lend it out to friends. I fill it with rosemary, lavender, and Annabelle hydrangeas when it's not being used to ice down shrimp or bottles of wine."
3. Make the old new again with family portraits.
I always love a grouping of family photos down a hallway or up a stairwell with family photos. It is a great way to keep them close and fun for your guests to enjoy!
4. Add elegance and sophistication with stacks of books.
Books make a home look lived in right off the bat. Collect books over the years that mean something to you whether they be design books or not, the more the merrier.
5. Paint with luminous color.
We like Farrow & Ball's color palette when searching for the right color. They are always a bit subdued but full of richness.
6. Choose monogrammed linens.
7. Express your personality with fabrics.
8. Ease into comfortable upholstery.
Never forget when furnishing your home that at the end of the day it has GOT to be comfortable!
"For deeper seating, Cindy likes Lee's #1077 chair with a dressmaker's skirt and English arms."

Lee Industries 1077-01 chair
9. Showcase (and revamp) a well-worn piece of furniture.
" 'If you're not lucky enough to inherit antiques, don't buy cheap ones,' adds Cindy. 'Save until you can buy a good piece. You don't have to have a room full of antiques - one nice piece in a room can elevate everything around it.' As for what to buy first, Cindy suggests a mahogany Sheraton-style sideboard or a walnut English chest of drawers."
10. Finish with fresh flowers.
Flowers make any room look 10x better!

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