September 23, 2010

NEW Verellen Upholstery

Verellen makes awesome upholstery - absolutely comfortable but amazing looking! It is their attention to detail that makes their products so unique.
slipcovered Rafael chair
$1722 Circa price ($2296 retail)
I love this Rafael chair detailing!
Dante condo sofa with grey wash legs and nailheads
herringbone body, velvet seat and pillows
$4967 Circa price ($6622 retail)
green damask pillows $225 each (sold as a pair)
flax and green pillow with shell $120
The nailheads make this sofa!
Julian wing chair in a light grey linen
$2205 Circa price ($2940 retail)
silk/ wool shawl $180 30x80
graphic rose embroidered pillow $80
Clementine condo sofa in velvet
$5250 Circa price ($7000 retail)
Alfons condo sofa
 $4640 Circa price ($6188 retail)
glazed linen fabric with nailheads
custom copper damask pillows with buttons $275 each (sold as a pair)
I love the base on this sofa!

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