December 9, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

We had the best time with Santa last night. So many adorable kids and dogs came to share their Christmas lists with Old Saint Nick. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and made this annual event such a success! Look for more photos to come next week.

Our photographer, Steve Cook, did a fabulous job again this year. Click here to check out his website. He is so talented!
Logan Walters was so impressed by the holiday decor. Look how cute he is taking it all in with his grandmother, Nannie. 
(Logan, Grace Wilson, Cate, & Catherine)
The girls in the shop did such a good job making everything look great for Santa's arrival. They looked so cute in their green aprons!
(Whitney, Janelle, & Patricia)
Look who stopped by! It was great to see Julie Hartsell and her precious daughter, Degan. 
(Julie, Degan, & Patricia)


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