December 16, 2011


Behind the scenes: When the container arrives via eighteen wheeler early the morning of shipment, it takes a huge team of people to unload, unwrap, and install the new arrivals. It is so much fun to watch everything transform.

The entire shop gets emptied and then every room is redone with the new antiques.
 Our guys work hard to get all of the heavy pieces unloaded and into place in the shop.
Eleanor and Anne working to unpack a beautiful bouillotte table and painted wood banquette.
 Our entire parking lot is consumed! 

The finshed product: The pictures dont do it justice! All of the designers at Circa work hard all day to make each vignette look immaculate. Enjoy the preview below and make some time to come see all of the new pieces in person!

 This large painted buffet would make the perfect kitchen island and the beautiful french pottery is always quick to sell.
Buffet: $7200

 This antique chair has beautiful lines and looks fabulous pulled up next to our painted antique table. Also, the shop has been filled with a new batch of custom pillows.
Antique Chairs: $6000 for the set of six (c.1800)

 These antique planters and pots look stunning atop our favorite antique cabinet!

This French Work Bench looks phenominal with our antique oars and decorative bee hives.  
French Work Bench: $4200
Oars: $595 each (c.1840)
Bee Hives: $225 each (c.1880)

The craftsmanship this Spanish table shows is so impressive.
Spanish Walnut Table: $3200 (c.1780)

 This painted side table looks stunning with italian candlesticks and our new Lucy Cope match strikes.
Painted Table: $1415
Match Strikes: $825 each
Candlesticks: $975
This 19th century painted enfilade makes such a statement paired with our antique accessories.
Enfilade: $7800
Lamps: $1850 each
Stone Vases: $1600 pair
Iron Urns: $1800 pair
Paper Mache figures: $875
Carved Stone Grapes: $675-950 each

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