December 9, 2009

Bell Jars & Lanterns

Circa has a multitude of bell jars and lanterns. They look great in any foyer, hallway, bedroom...the list goes on and on! Lanterns are also fun over an island or dining table.

two line medium Greek key bell jar: $525

Honore ceiling lantern (27" H x 16" W): $1150

medium clear bell jar with light brass: $525

cornice lantern (30.5" H x 20" W): $950

large light brass bell jar: $615

black lantern: $485

Brantley lantern in verdigris (21.5" H x 12" W): $1375

Gothic lantern rust: $1285

iron six edge lantern: $225

iron lantern: $1600

black iron lantern: $975

dos cubos lantern (13"W x 18"H):$925

small plain clear lantern: $350

medium diamond cut lantern: $525

tapered Greek key lantern: $425

jumbo clear bell jar (14" D): $1200

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