December 23, 2009


We wish you and your family 
a happy holiday season,
a new year filled with love and peace,
and a home that reflects all the warmth
and beauty of this special season.

Circa Charlotte
Front row: (left to right)- Lindsay Boner & son Henry,
Emily Williams and Marshall, Jane Schwab and Margo, Santa, Cindy Smith and Sister,
Heather Smith with daughter Wansley and son Whit, Kathy Smith and Skye, and Eleanor and Olivia.
Back row: (left to right)- Julie Hartsell, Lydia Anders & Ransom,
Patricia Arnette, Anne Spilman, Arevat Manucharova, Patrick Lewis.
Not pictured: Catherine Walters.

Circa Birmingham

Back row: (left to right)- Rebecca Davis, Katherine Littrell with daughter Virginia, Whitney Johnson with daughter Polly and son Jack.
Front row: Ryder, Charlotte and Eloise.

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