June 9, 2010

An Enchanting Garden

With the warm weather and longer days, aren't we all enjoying outdoor living? Even the most beautiful home isn't complete without a beautiful yard to go with it. It just wouldn't be right. The only problem for some is their lack of a green thumb. I, myself, am trying to nurture my green thumb slowly but surely. Circa's very own, Eleanor Stanley (you've seen her on the blog quite a bit), has a family full of avid garden lovers! Her mother, Elsie Owens of Columbia, recently had her garden published in Southern Living. Elsie softens her home's facade with a perfectly manicured creeping fig vine running up the brick in "Palladian fashion" as well as under the brick steps and up the opposite wall.

*Southern Living June 2010 page 61*
(click to enlarge)
Here's an insider's look into the rest of her amazing garden:
Elsie's roses are the pride of her garden! Aren't they fabulous?
Within this garden there are two secret paths on either side of the statue leading to openings, one for her granddaughter's tea parties and the other as a place of peaceful solitude for her husband Jimmy.
This love of gardening runs throughout their family indeed. Eleanor's cousins, Polly McLeod Mattox and Helen Mattox Bost, wrote one of Circa's favorite coffee table books, Private Gardens of Georgia. This books makes an excellent gift and we keep it in our Charlotte shop!
Private Gardens of Georgia $40

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Elsie's garden is truly inspiring!