June 25, 2010

Hickory Chair Sofa

The Hickory Chair Eaton short sofa is so great it deserves its own blog post. We just got this in our Charlotte shop this week. The design is fabulous. This 73" wide sofa would be beautiful in any living room, study, or bedroom. It has such style and grace with 2 cushions, a curved frame and studly nail heads. Cindy ordered it in this beautiful velvet for our shop, but you can choose whatever Hickory Chair fabric or COM you prefer!
73" wide x 36.5"D x 37.5"H
$4165(retail: $5550)

Take a look at it from the front courtesy of HC's website:
It also comes in an adorable chair:

The nice thing about Hickory Chair is that they offer quite a few of their pieces in a Made To Measure version. This allows you to customize the size of your chair or sofa. For instance, the Eton can be ordered anywhere from a 33" to 120" width. For more information or pricing, please don't hesitate to email us or stop by the shop.


  1. Hickory chair is nail head central, and I love this upholstery trend!

  2. We agree! Circa designers love adding nail heads to custom pieces too --- banquettes, headboards, & coffee tables.

  3. The Hickory sofa chair is described here. Read to know more