September 25, 2012

Party time!

MAYBE we don't have "whos-its" and "whats-its" or "gadgets" and "gizmo's," but man do we have glasses and votives a plenty, we've got candles and bowls galore... You want things-for-your-tables? We've got over twenty!
Yes.... I am quoting The Little Mermaid.
But wasn't that one of the best parts of the movie?? Exploring that cavern full of sparkling goodies Ariel would run off to when things just got tough... ohhh the pressures of a mermaid princess. I bet Princess Kate wishes she has one of those caverns right now, too. How terrible the press is these days, really!
Anyway, Circa is busting at the seams with fun, festive glasses and goblets of every shape, size and color! Come escape the pressures of your life and explore the goodies we have JUST for you.
(The highlighted links will take you to some recipes for your upcoming Holiday parties!)

FUN martini glasses
(try Martha's Eggnog Martini)
$86 for a set of 6

Unfortunately, this photo does not capture the greatness of these ribbed goblets...
$60 for a set of 6
(they are also available in an Old Fashioned and highball version as well!)

Wouldn't you just love sipping a basil martini out of one of these?
$90 for a set of 6

SO fun! I think these would also make a fantastic wedding gift!
(as would any of the other glasses we have in... all of which could serve a delicious White Russian)
$18 each

Great, low goblets.... added bonus: colored glass is SO in!
Perfect for sipping lemonade!
$38 for a set of 4

Collection of bowls, table runners, placemat's, glasses, etc... Currently I am particularly in love with those bowls stacked in the center of the table. Ice cream, cereal or soup would taste so much better out of them, I am sure! Possibly this Williams Sonoma Mexican Lime Soup with Chicken I cooked recently- delicious! 
$18 each

And the collection goes on and on! 

It is officially Fall, which means the Holiday's are JUST around the corner!! Come in to see what new treasures you can acquire for your tabletops today. While you are here, remember that you can still place furniture orders up until October 12th and it will have a guaranteed delivery before Thanksgiving! Impressive, no?

Don't forget your candles!
**HELPFUL TIP: If you are having a get together during the day, be sure that your candles have been burned down a bit. There's nothing worse than a fresh unused candle eye sore! Also, a trick with these gorgeous beeswax candles... the night before your party, throw them in your freezer! The colder they are, the slower they burn! Otherwise, you can run through a pack of these quicker than you can say:
"Jack be nimble!"
**ALSO: The highlighted links above will take you to some recipes for your upcoming Holiday parties!

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