September 7, 2012

Sofa Shopping!

We have just received four new sofas on our floor and MAN are they wonderful!!! Are you in need of a new sofa for your home? Everyone loves to test sofa's out before buying, so why don't you come and check these out this weekend?! You can swing by Laurel Market on your way to grab a delicious wrap or sandwich and make a day of it!!
Here's some eye candy for you:

Lee Industries # 3980-03
This sofa is INCREDIBLY comfortable... and the style is a Circa favorite! It is covered in a soft, plush brushed cotton and men love it because it has a BENCH seat (translation: one cushion on the seat), so feels like a twin bed... when laying down watching football, of course! Another added bonus is the AWESOME leather contrast throw pillows... cool or what?! Cindy and the shop girls sure do know how to mix it up! BUT if you fall in love with the style and the colors do not work with your home- don't fret... we have TONS of fabrics for you to choose from!

Lee Industries # 3421-03
LOVE this style!! High back, beautiful curved arms, and ready to go home with you!! This fabric can work just about anywhere... come in and see for yourself!!

Hickory Chair # 322-88
I mean, is this cool or what? Yes- regular sofa, but being used as a banquette! Great, huh?!? The contrast cord adds a little spice and this one is actually a double whammy for men: bench seat AND a low arm! Men gravitate to lower arms for some reason... I can only assume that they are more comfortable to jump out of and scream at the TV when some silly ref makes a terrible call.

Lee Industries # 1571-03
The fabric and contrast cord on this one is very similar to the Hickory Chair sofa we just saw- but what a knock out combo!! Again- LOW ARM and while it may not be a bench seat DO NOT for one minute think this means uncomfortable. Maybe you should see for yourself!
And remember- if you love any of these styles (or anything else you may find your body falling into while visiting us) and the fabrics just aren't your thing, let us help you create your dream sofa with the hundreds upon thousands of fabrics we have under our roof!
Have a great weekend and even if you aren't on one of our sofas cheering on your team this weekend, we sure do hope they win for you (unless you are cheering against our teams, of course)!!!!!

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