September 17, 2012

Take care of yourself!

Hello readers! I am so excited about the Livestrong website, that I wanted to write an entry about it! It is the neatest site I've discovered in a LONG time! This site can answer any question you may have about anything health related..... everything from healthy, delicious recipes to vitamin inquires to "Quit Coaches" (help to finally stop that nasty habit you may have) to cancer support groups.... and much, MUCH more. I highly suggest for you to take a gander and see what you can find.
One of the things that I am most excited about is that it directed me to a downloadable iTunes app for training for a half marathon! I am going to attempt a half-marathon soon and have been researching training schedules. The group who has put this together has created an app for iPhones, iPads, Droid devices and best of all (for me) iPods!!! They compile a play list for you to download to your iPod with songs specifically plucked from the music world to go in sync with the intensity of your workout. I mean, what more could a girl training for her first half marathon ask for?!?!?! If the music doesn't get me through, hopefully the beautiful scenery will, as I am hoping to participate in the Kiawah Island Half Marathon.
Wish me luck!!
And have fun browsing the Livestrong website... it's bound to motivate you to do something- even if it's just to buy a new labradoodle (see why here) and be sure to bring him or her by to meet Sister and Livy!!


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