March 22, 2013

Book Signing!

Today is a very special day at Circa. Jane and Cindy's beautiful book was released on Tuesday and today we have opened up doors for a book signing! The author's are in house and ready to autograph. We are so excited we have a beautiful display of macaroon's, which are so delicious (check out Sugar, Inc. the next time you are in or just around Birmingham- well worth pulling off of the highway and arriving late to your destination, we promise!). Please stop by for a mimosa, macaroon, Starbuck's pick-me-up and, of course, don't leave without a book! If you miss the leading ladies today, please still feel free to swing by, buy a book and we will be sure they sign it especially for you!
SO beautiful!

Delicious mimosa's ready to be enjoyed!

Hard at work

Photographed right to left: Brigid, Karla, Whitney and Addison

The books are piling up!
Jane and Cindy with the talented Sharon Coppede

The author's with Charlotte architect, Frank Smith

A glimpse of the gorgeous arrangements done by the talented Jay Lugibihl of In Bloom, Ltd.


  1. I can't wait to get my signed copy; my aunt just happens to be in one of the pictures above picking up a few copies. Congratulations on the book; I've already heard its amazing!

    1. Thank you, Beverly! We can't wait for you to pick on up either. And yes- it is amazing! I had the most fun this weekend flipping the pages with a cup of coffee, reading every sentence! They share the most wonderful tips... and it doesn't hurt that the photographs of their work are absolutely stunning! You are sure to enjoy.