March 4, 2013

We love Julia B!

Ok, so I am SUPER behind on my magazine reading. I have a huge stack on the table by my door and no time to open a single one... until this weekend. I was finally in Charlotte all weekend and had some time on Sunday morning before church to sit on my sofa, with a big cup of coffee, and enjoy a few of my favorites. I, of course, started from the bottom of the stack, in order to work my way back up to date. The February House Beautiful was way down on the bottom, so I grabbed it and began flipping the pages- finding inspiration for hopeful future projects and even some wedding gift options (much needed for me right now, as I tend to be that terrible person who hates sticking to the registry in hopes of my dear friends and family being able to remember what I actually gave them 20 years down the road). It was such a wonderful thing to turn the page and see a familiar face staring back at me. There she was, the Queen of Linens, Julia B! If you are as behind on your reading list as I am, here's a little taste of what you are missing:

And, please remember, we have a beautiful set of samples for you to browse through, if you are interested in linens that are special for your home. She carries everything under the sun- from hand towels to blanket covers to cocktail napkins- and loves to create a look that is new, different and personal.

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