March 12, 2013

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

This Raffi song from my kindergarten days has been singing in my head today. It sure is wonderful to feel the sun on your face and to get a glimpse of Spring! 60 degree weather with the sun just a shining- what a fabulous day! It's so lovely, that Karla has opened her window to get some fresh air. If only she had popped her head out to say hello!

We have some awesome art looking for a new home and what a happy way to celebrate this weather- by buying a fresh piece of art. Here are some things that we have hanging around, just waiting to steal your heart:

This Rothko inspired piece is Emily's favorite. Isn't it happy?! It just puts a smile on my face.

A small abstract of a man laying in bed leaves you thinking, as abstracts do. The scale makes it easy to set anywhere!

This beautiful landscape is Whitney's favorite. When I asked her why she mentioned the bright greens, the blue sky and the dark contrasts.

An abstract landscape, full of vibrant colors.

This still life has an interesting stamp on the bottom right hand corner- marking the artist's workshop.

The frames on these landscape paintings are just magnificent! They are a work of art in themselves.

I love this sweet thumbnail of a painting. The dramatic matting draws you in. The best part- it has a mate!

How fun is this set of circles?!

I hate that I couldn't get a shot of this without the lights blaring a terrible reflection on the glass, because I think this is killer! A L-O-N-G landscape that's a bit sketchy in hand adds moodiness. Speaking of moodiness, sadly it's hidden in the back "Lamp Room." But is well worth the walk back there to take a look!

Another small abstract with bright, bold, contrasting colors.
And finally this pale landscape is Janelle's current, personal favorite. She is drawn to this because of it's subtlety, making it a instant success in every home. 

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