April 10, 2013

Montgomery is McAlpine Country

Or at least that's how we feel. Jane and Cindy were in Montgomery for a book signing and had a lovely time catching up with architect and dear friend, Bobby McAlpine. If you are not familiar with his work, QUICK! Click on this link, because you are missing OUT!!! Here are our authors, waiting to sign copies of books, with McAlpine.
Lindsay was googling "Top Interior Design Books" and was thrilled to be greeted by a link to Amazon showing The Welcoming House as NUMBER THREE on their design book charts! Isn't that incredible?!? We are just thrilled by the reception! Thank you for all purchasing your copy and for being so supportive. And here are some links to more blog press we have received...
From Haus of Hinton: http://hausofhinton.blogspot.com/2012/04/charlotte-home.html (I have always wondered who our Australia follower was!)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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