April 23, 2013

Shipment has arrived!

It is always a tricky thing to try and get a container here on time. Containers, like just about everything else in this industry, seem to run on a slower time frame. So, we were not shocked to hear that we would be receiving this gorgeous shipment late. It was shocking to hear, however, that the reason for the delay (the second delay, might I add) was due to some soil in the bottom of an old, beautiful pot that was believed to be "contaminated." Whatever that means... regardless, we have received our shipment finally and MAN was it worth the wait!!!!! Hotel silver that gleams; gilded antiques that make your jaw drop; carved wooden lamp bases that you want to run out with; all of it is breath-taking. And like every first-day-after-shipment-day, tomorrow is the day that you want to come see us. It will be worth every second. Even if you can't treat yourself to any of these pieces, you must steal away some time to stop in. Your eyes will be grateful.
Unable to swing by? Not to fret- remember our online-cataloge is updated as quickly as possible to make all of our pieces available via Internet.
Here is a look at where we are so far in the unpacking process...

Livy wondering home through the mess...

Lunch break inside of our fort! Nothing like Zoe's!
AWESOME table and chairs. I can see this in the mountains.

Our favorite pottery
Unpacking accessories in the Design Studio

First complete room!
Another view- just love this banquette and those frames!!!

More pottery- perfect for everything. From the oven to the table! And check out those cool green lamps.
Our amazingly talented Arevat quickly whipped this table cloth together for us this afternoon. I wouldn't mind taking it home with me... along with all three of those GORGEOUS carved stone vessels.

Of course I wasn't able to capture it all... but I guess I have to leave something a surprise for yall, right?!?! Come see the rest tomorrow! We can't wait to listen to your eww's and ahh's. 

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